Error Logs

Found this :
[client] File does not exist: /home/–path–/html/T2/archives
and this
[client] File does not exist: /home/–path–/html/graphicalcss/moveleft/Menu on left_files

One of those is actually the Ask Jeeves search engine, and both IP’s are now on my banlist. Now the top one obviously cannot work out virtual folders, and the second one – Jeeves – is asking for files / folders which do not exist. There are no links to what it is asking for, and that directory is as plain xhtml as you can get, so it must be guessing / trawling.
Now call me paranoid, but I have restricted areas here, and as I stand by my assertion that SE’s steal your content (it’s cached elsewhere without your explicit permission), then it seems to me – and I could be wrong – that Jeeves is ‘casing the joint’ to see what it can find. If it is doing this, can I be absolutely certain that it will obey the ‘robots.txt’ that I have around this site ? I don’t think so. If I can’t be sure it will play ball, then out it goes – hardly a big loss though.

I’ve yet to check my access log, but this recent jump in bandwidth spooked me. I have no desire to have a blog that has huge bandwidth needs unless those people that are visiting are in some way contributing to the site by way of comments or emailed feedback. Having a whole heap of visitors means sod all really – unless they choose to get involved.
This, like everything in the ‘people’ and ‘orkut’ link categories, is just a weblog. Nothing extraordinary, nothing profound. I sell nothing. I hopefully provide some ‘mind fodder’ on occasion for those people willing to read it, but in the end, it’s a blog.

Let’s say you opened your house up to visitors, free of charge, and one day 10 people wandered through. Of those, half talked to you, maybe someone copied down something to do with your house. The feedback would be nice, yes ?
Now what if some time later you realised that you were having 100 people trample through every day and night, yet still only 10 people talked to you. Wouldn’t that bug you ? Would you not feel this urge to shout at someone and say “Tell me what you think !!” ? You’d be getting more visitors, they cause wear and tear, but if they say nothing ….. does that make your house better ? No. It doesn’t. And let’s face it, if it wouldn’t make your house better – and it’s hard to get up and actually visit a house – it ain’t going to make a weblog better is it ?