Working on CSS

Takes ages it does … I had several designs from the girls, and about 2 were workable. Well actually they all were, but given that one of my prime goals was to have a decent layout without hefty images, that cut most out. By working on 3 today, and comparing results in FF, Opera and yes, IE too, I’ve got it down to one.
Right now, the CSS file is a huge mess – mainly as I leave original code in to compare settings as I use new code – and an unfortunate side-effect is that I’m having to alter this file (index.php) quite a bit. The levels of nesting in the #menu div are something I don’t need, and while I could leave them in and try to use them, I’d rather write something that even though in the end will look very simple, it will be mine. I’m hoping to incorporate the StyleSwitcher too so that colours can be changed easily, but we’ll see on that.
Finish it tomorrow, tidy and comment all the code, then test it fully on the testblog…..