Random batting

There’s a guy called Phil Ringnalda who is, as far as I can gather, pretty high in the weblogging foodchain. He’s just pulled apart the MT license, and from reading it, it makes me gladder than ever that WordPress is GPL’d.

Scriptygoddess has moved to WordPress too. That should make for some good plugins and other enhancements in time.

European Union lifts GM food ban. That hardly made big TV news did it ?
Well I hope that in future all GM foods, or GM ingredients are very clearly marked both in stores and takeaways. Will I buy it ? Not a chance. In the same way that I avoided all South African produce in the apartheid years, in the same way that I will not buy eggs other than approved free range, in the same way that I will not buy products made in fr*nce and in the same way that I have other buying habits, I will not purchase something which although in and of itself may be innocuous (according to the powers that be and associated propaganda), will act as an encouragement for further products to be created (literally).

FTP Pie. From the blurb – “Your ISP offers you 30MB of disk space, but doesn’t tell you how much space is used! This tool enables you to get a usage piechart from your FTP service, showing which directories are taking the most space, and to drill down into those directories to see which are the largest files. Simply double-click on a pie segment to drill down!”
It’s freeware. It works.

I normally use Easycleaner to keep the registry fairly clean, but saw another program recommended the other day – RegSeeker. Much more rigorous than EasyCleaner. The latter would find about 10-20 entries a week, and I used it regularly. RegSeeker found over 1,300. Be advised though that using something like Erunt first is a wise move just in case it all goes bad. (It worked for me though).

Now to install the latest RC2 and get back to some CSS.

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