Take before meals ..

Dropping in some CVS files went smoothly – not that I didn’t expect it of course.
The release of WP 1.2 final is damn close (there is a new nightly too) so I ought to crack on with my css. I played around last night, and while the CSS itself is no problem whatsoever, the actual design is – like I’ve said before, I have no artistic talent, and haven’t a clue how to get the very best from a graphics program, so it’s pretty hard going on that front. Still, I’ll keep plugging away at it.

Rant time.
WTF do all these people coming from MT to WP want wordpress to be made to look and work the same as that slow, perl-based publishing platform ? If they want their blog – and everything else – to stay the same they should stick with the version of MT. WP is not MT, and given that MT and the words “web standards” were never mentioned when it was being developed or hacked, long may it stay that way.
Rant over.

Oh yes, and I’m actually poorly ! I feel okay, but J noticed a few things, nagged me to see the GP, and he’s put me on wodges of antibiotics for a while. Most odd .. I feel fine, yet I’m not. Odd.

And I cannot abide paternalism. At all.

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