An oasis of Calm…..

So you’ve got yourself a shiny 4×4 Ford Discovery. A ‘motor’ that is sold hugely on it’s off-road ability, a motor that is designed to cope with undulating terrain that would render your normal car immobile, a motor that has hydraulic suspension, a motor that when it was on the drawing board, the words “school run” were not in the design spec.
And there you are you pretentious twat, dropping off your scrawny brat and then, while driving all of a mile back home, you slow down to avoid any interruptions in the flat surface of the road, you slow down so much that a pensioner with zipup slippers, using a zimmer frame while also sliding on ice would cross the sleeping policemen faster.
Just fuck off from being a twat eh ?

What is it about the letters “E N T R A N C E” and “E X I T” that confuse people ? Are they really so fucking thick that they cannot figure out what those letters mean ? Especially when the stream of people is against them and they stand there tutting as if we should all dive out of their way. Bet they drove there in a 4×4 …….

Trolleys. You’d think that the really wide handle would give a clue that the trolley, particularly when laden with food, should be steered with two hands. That’s 2 hands on the trolley, not one holding the bloody mobile to one ear while the trolley veers all over the shop.

Sometimes I find it totally amazing that so many low-foreheads are roaming free in the wider community.

Calm ….. I’m calm 👿

3 thoughts on “An oasis of Calm…..

  1. I take it you had a bad shopping trip today then?
    Those cars and constant yacking on mobile phones are also major annoyances of
    mine – the people who drive them will never need to go off road, and the people
    who can’t bear to tear the phone away from their ear are most likely discussing
    last night’s Eastenders.

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