Bri now has a WP blog 🙂
It needs to be ‘prettied up’ by her – and me – before it becomes known, but the Greymatter import went smoothly, and so far all is well, very well actually. I’d not imported into WP before.

Another plugin installed here. The ‘disemvoweller’ will, when someone comments from a specified IP, remove all the vowels from their post. It’s one of a number of plugins that the recent flood of MT emigre’s are creating for WP.

And I got DC++ through the router firewall too.

4 thoughts on “Late

  1. various bits and pieces in the white boxes…nothing in particular but its all prone to vanish. Its there when you scroll down and back up or when you highlight it. As I said the same thing was happening with Smeg’s page a while back…think its a css and MSIE thing.

  2. It’s just odd because I’ve not altered the CSS here for ages now. There are known issues with IE in that m$ tried to define their own CSS standards by forcing IE to work differently and they hoped everyone else would conform – but they didn’t.

    Firefox – it’s the way to go 🙂

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