Why is it that a 10 litre can of fence paint looks so much, but when it’s all on the fence there is so much fence left ?

Design. I’m bored with this look again, and given that I wrote the WordPress CSS guide, it’s not like I have any excuse for not changing it. Sooo…. given that I have all the artistic abilities of a brick, I’m going to let my girls redesign it.
I’ll point out the elements I’d like to keep (not that D. needs this info given as she has a weblog (soon to be WP powered)) and let them come up with how it should look. The site I have from my ISP will have it’s mysql activated by tomorrow (they delay it for some reason I know not what) and I’ll play there. That will keep everything very separate from here until such time as it’s completed.

I’ve slightly adjusted the column – not that you’ll notice – and I’m debating adding some new links, and possibly removing other links, soon as well.

Oh, and the new Lemon & Yogurt KitKats are wonderful. Really !

And Bri – send me that info 🙂

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