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A while ago, I sorted my links out. I posted about it here. Basically, because I have this page registered at Technorati, if I go there, it will tell me what other pages link here. Some other blogs – Smeg’s Diosa’s, Steve’s, Dino’s – are also registered there. Now the bit of Cosmos code on this page will query Technorati, and place on this page a list of the links to this page it finds. I realised that I actually had doubled links to each of the above blogs. As I can’t remove them from Technorati without unregistering, I opted instead to remove them from the ‘People’ list. After all, it’s daft having two links to the same place on a page.
Now I keep the technorati code because sometimes the people I assist in the WordPress forums (630+ posts and still going !) will link here and this code shows me the link. It may well be a temporary link, but it’s nice when you help people out if they do link. I could use the tracking script for that, but I barely look at that more than every few weeks.

So that’s why I dropped the links. Nothing wierd or sinister.
But, the code acts against me then. If I have a link to ZZZ, and ZZZ links to me, cosmos will bring in the link, so giving me double linkage. If though I drop the proper link to ZZZ, then although cosmos will still show ZZZ linking TO me, it will not show me linking back. With me ?
So, unless I keep both links, I affect either here or elsewhere.

It’s odd this links business. I wrote about it before and to be honest, it wasn’t until very recently that I realised how very very personally some people take this linking business. It’s almost as if people either want to make some sort of GoogleFight about whose site is more linked or they take anything as a personal slight. Anyway.. enough of that, my inbox won’t take the heat…….

I had been thinking about this, and what I’ll do is replace the people blog links as they were. There will be repetition, but then you now know why 🙂

(Oh, and the page is breaking as I now get back to fiddling with some code)

2 thoughts on “Technorati Linkage

  1. i don’t ever recall registering with technorati either….in fact I’d never heard of them before now….

    …and leave the people links as they are, i was just curious as to what the differentiation was…now i know 🙂

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