Polishing and Dusting

The post below was made by email, so that’s all lovely and working now.
Not that I need it, or that I need to ask the ISP to set up what’s called a ‘cron job’ (it’s a task that the server runs at times you specify – in this case to test for incoming mail to post) but it’s there should I ever feel the need.

About 9 ‘hacks’ which I had on my previous WP are now installed as plugins and I’ve also installed the latest stats plugin – click the link near the bottom of the column. It replicates some info in the column already, but it’s neat either way.

Remember the “Top 5” things that were posted to the ng a while back ? I’ve linked that page from the index of this site now too – so it doesn’t get lost. Also made some other small changes to bits (not that you’ll notice) and gone through the folders on the server and deleted any un-needed files.

Now …. remember my ‘Angry’ forum on IAM ?
How about I create an ‘Angry Blog’ ?
I’ve set a blog up for this, you can register and post in moments and you can do this totally anonymously. In that last part lies a wee problem, but I think that with full email notifications to me of a posting / comment, and additionally having IP tracking on the site it could be kept a close eye on ..
I have yet to write a preamble – I’m waiting to see if it’s a ‘goer’ first – but basically, although we have all these sites where we can post to about this and that in our lives, if someone close to us pisses us off, we can’t really go writing that on our blog can we ? If your boss – who knows you have a blog – gives you a hard time, you can’t then slag him/her off on it can you ?
So, having a blog where you can register, then write, then publish totally anonymously could be useful for venting those feelings.
Yes, there is a risk of abuse etc, but what do you think ?

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