It’s amazing what you can find on some Russian websites – and I don’t mean the porn !
Very small php file (it’s all of 8K). Upload it to a dir, fill the dir with images, then just visit the dir. First time you do it, the thumbnails are built, and that’s it.
A paged gallery.
Okay, so the default isn’t that pretty, but with checking some variables, and adding some html here and there, it could be good. No sql, no other scripting, just a fast and well written script. (I can’t mention it’s name though – googlebot crawls this page 😉 )

I’ve an odd problem with some folders too – sometimes I can’t delete them. Windows says that a file is being used by another program, and even if I exit everything else, I can’t delete the folder. I thought it may be a problem with Winrar, so I uninstalled that and got a free unzipper, but the problem persists. It’s as if part of a program is not exiting cleanly and keeps it’s claws into something. I’ve tried selectively stopping various processes using the 3 fingered salute, but to no avail. A reboot solves the problem, and it’s no big issue, but it’s just annoying at times. Annoying as in I get no more explanation, and even the m$ knowledge base doesn’t help. Ho hum …

Wireless network is now fully functional – and secure. Hadn’t got around to file sharing between the computers, or stopping freeloaders from sitting outside and hijacking my connection, but it’s all sorted now. One small issue to sort (I’ve not yet tried to use DC++ with it) but so far, given the nature of the beast, it’s living up to my expectations. After all, when something is put between your computer and the phone socket, certain things may be different, but even so, I’m a fussy git about things like speed and connectivity and I’ve not sworn yet. Honest.

And this may appear to be a daft thing to say, but I’ll say it anyway:
I’m actually quite happy these days. 🙂

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  1. same here…and I had a similar thing with windows not allowing me to delete certain files…turns out it was all to do with windows creating thumbnails for stuff in that folder. Theres a registry hack to stop it from happening, but I cant off hand remember where I found it. Ill have a look for it in a bit.

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