To the latest RC.

Most things are put back into place, but the Waypath link is broken right now.

A couple of other points:
– All comments with what are deemed to be swear words in are automatically held back for moderation, so if you use them (like *I* mind !) don’t be too surprised if your comment does not appear 😉
– Your email address, which you enter when you comment, is not only not displayed, it is also encrypted and not findable by a spammer. Having said that, for those of you that read this and do leave comments, I know your real address anyway, so it matters little.
– For those of you with WAP, you should now be able to read this page easily on your mobile. (Okay, so none of you are going to do it, just thought I’d mention that you can if you want!).
– At some point – maybe tonight – I’m going to do a complete clearout of all the files, and redo the upgrade. Not that it doesn’t work, but because as I have my own unique way of upgrading (that is I don’t do it the recommended way), and as I have numerous small files all over the place that I have played around with, it makes this more cluttered and could lead to mistakes on my part. WP has changed very significantly in it’s file structure, so it really is quite messy on the server, and I really should tidy it up. As tonight is when I’ll actually get some peace and quiet to concentrate, it’s the likely time.

Only took about 10 minutes !