Movable Cash

So, v3 is out, and there is some noise about this in quite a few places. Honestly, it’s not that hard to find if you follow trackbacks…..

From the ordering page at
“Not willing to pay for Movable Type yet? This fully-functional version of the application is available free of charge. Important limitations of this license include:
* No support from Six Apart
* No access to paid installation service
* No access to fee-based services
* No promotion of your weblogs through the Recently Updated list
* No commercial usage
* No more than one author and three weblogs
“The delineation between TypePad and MT have become clear with this release – TypePad is for general users wanting to blog and Movable Type is for developers and professional organizations wanting to do more then just weblogging.”

Either way, it’s cash for sixapart.

Yes, I know there will be forums a plenty that will help for many things, and people outside of that organisation who will develop, but once cash is involved – for any product – doesn’t that alter the whole playing field ?

What with that and the TypeKey thing ….. you really should be looking at a free, well supported, fast, flexible, easily installed and very customisable blog tool.

That’ll be WordPress then 😀