A very pleasant lunchtime catching up with Sean has been had, but it was also a very odd one. I think it’s the first time that I have been in an identical situation but without alcohol.
Everything about this lunchtime was the same – the pub, the crosswords, the bar staff, yet I wasn’t drinking. It’s not that I felt tempted to have a beer (one would become two and then I’d be a lush all over again) it just felt a bit time-warped. Still, nice to catch up with him.

Wireless. So, where’s the fuss ? Install cards, plug in router, configure, connect. It works okay. Not a big deal at all (I am very relieved to say!)

I had a thought today about a new section I may add to this site. It will involve the ever fantastic WordPress. I might send out a few emails for something to test later …..

RSS not working here ? No idea why, but I’ll look into it. I may even upgrade to the latest WP build if the mood grabs me.