My email stuff is all a’changin’ again.
Somehow, an email address I was using on my domain has stopped working – no idea why or how – so as of now, I’ve just got me @ here. Not a huge problem I’m sure you’ll agree, but another 1 or 2 would be good. I will sort tomorrow.

Have had – and it’s still here – a monumental headache today. One of those that no painkiller will actually stop. Still, it’s been overdue …….

Going wireless tomorrow. Found the gear, checked the reviews from a use and security pov, so that’s the job tomorrow afternoon. Looks to be a doddle, and if it turns out to be less than I want, I’ll return the lot. I think a bit of a stress test with downloading and uploading should sort it out, and tonight I’ll time some huge uploads to this site just so I have a benchmark. Will be nice to have one less cable hanging out the back of this PC.
This also means that when I get around to buying a new (to me) PC, it’s less cable to worry about. There’s a place near us which reconditions old PC’s, and I can get a full working setup for around £120 on which to play with Lindows. Or to install Mame and get that running just as a games box. Either way, it’ll get in the way and annoy J 😉

I’m also writing something that explains in more depth why I took the decision I did to stop the UPB admin side of things. It’s sort of written, but there is a lot in my head too. Hopefully I’ll soon be in the mood to tap out all the right letters in the right order.

SSX3. Gravitude. Just those 3 challenges left, and just that single snowflake near the sharp U-turn near the start.

Caramel Shortcakes – the ones with real chocolate. Love ‘em 🙂