Sign Idea #1

Here is the new sign;


How to use this sign:
This sign should be displayed prominently in all public areas, and it must be suspended above every area that has an opening of 4 feet or less.
This means that in every shop doorway, at the top and bottom of every escalator, and in all aisles in all shops this sign must be displayed in such a manner as to alert people to the opportunity they have to catch up on all the gossip there and then – why wait ? – and sod the consequences for anyone else who might actually have somewhere else to be.

And if this is a stupid idea .. why is it that so many fucking stupid people do it anyway ???

One thought on “Sign Idea #1

  1. A wonderful idea. How about ones that say “Please stop dead here without looking”, “Please take up this whole pavement with two people”, and “Single Mother Zone: attack oncomers with your pushchair you greasy pikey cunt”? 😉

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