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So .. 14 days of no access. Due mainly to BT it must be said. Anyway, I’m back now. This a GOOD!

AV updated, am currently downloading all the info I need to produce the monthly stat files (over 20,000 posts for agm) and then I’ll fire up t-bird and see what the email has for me.

Need to get a wireless router damn soon (it’s always been on the cards, but now it’s an essential) but that will help D. to use her machine too without the need for mine to be on. I could tack cables around, but it would look really messy, and having at some point to rectify the work would be a nuisance. Easier to go wireless.

Diablo2. Completed the original. After Duriel, the rest – excepting the eponymous beast – was virtually a breeze. So, what do I do then ? What do I do after completing a game that took me hours ? Yup, that’s right, I start again ! This time with the LOD expansion, and as a Assassin. Wow, is she cool or what ? Double jewelled katars (9-91 damage each) make swift work of most, including Duriel again.

While I have been away, I have made some discoveries:
1 – I have a wife and children 😯
2 – I can survive without my daily dose of the internet. Just.
3 – I find just having the TV as a live news source very restricting.
4 – I prefer online access. Lots.

I need to check out the stuff that comes along with this new ISP, and set up emails too. I’ve been pondering a few ideas for what to use the new site for …. need to find a bunch of links first, see what’s what and then wait for the news ….. if it can’t be done well, I won’t do it, but it could have some sort of potential, but then it will have some good opposition I guess … (this entry was especially for Dino who I know has probably missed my cryptic entries).

Right, stuff is about in, so I’m off to make some stats pages.

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