So sleep eluded me, and the forces of darkness welcomed me – nope, not depression, but Diablo2 – again.
I’ve copied over the original D2 install to a new dir (I checked it worked) and now installed the Lords of Destruction expansion. Very nice ! Looks much much better in 800*600 (the original being in 640*480) though I’ll have to wait to see how this copes when there is a whole lot of fighting and spell-casting going on.

Muling ….. I’ve got hold of the .dll needed, and ATMA, but I’m not yet sure whether to use it. Not because I’m any sort of game purist, but just that as if now, I can’t quite see the point – after all, the game can be completed without, so why use ? Having said that, on D2 I’m still only in Act 2, maybe when I get to the LOD Nightmare and Hell levels I’ll be thinking very differently !

Builds ….. In D2, for my Sorc I didn’t follow any sort of guide, I just went with slapping points in the Lightning skill and with high Charged Bolt, Lightning and Chained Lightning, she’s no slouch. Yet having read a guide to creating such a sorc, I realise I could have made her much better by now – far more powerful. I can of course catch up with myself in this build, but it’ll just take a bit more time. (Having said that, she is currently in the Seven Tombs, and all the lightning skills she has are fairly useless when confronted by mini-bosses with high Lightning Resists !)
So I’m debating which character class to use. I have a Necro and Sorc, so maybe a Paladin ? Or a Barbarian ? And I may well follow a guide too as to their skill building.

Not of course that I’m going to get a huge amount of time to play over the next few days.

Today is ‘upstairs’ day – only things that will live upstairs in the new place are being shifted, with priority being given to the girls’ rooms. At least all the hassle of getting things down through windows if needed, then up around stairs will be completed by day’s end – I hope.

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