It’s about a third done.
Upstairs is about done, but with the objective of today being to just move stuff, and tomorrow involving the dismantling and rebuilding of beds / wardrobes etc (+ starting on downstairs), it’s not been too bad. I swore a lot – mainly because of a low part over the stairs which I repeatedly thwacked my head on as I was shifting stuff.
Anyway, time has been called for the day.

There are lots of requests in the WordPress forum for things like “How can I stop visitors seeing ‘whatever’ but I can” or “How can I stop a search in a category of post” or other themes along the lines of “I want to post something private to my blog, but then keep it private”.
I have no idea if this sort of thing comes up on MT / Nucleus / pMachine forums, but it’s starting to wierd me out. Do these people not know, or realise, that anything they put on the net is almost certainly going to end up in the public domain if all they are using if a blog tool ? Okay, so WP has password protected entries, but a blogging tool is also designed to communicate with the rest of the net through RSS and pings. I have mentioned the use of ‘robots.txt’ a few times, but it strikes me that people just are not doing their research properly if they really do want their information to remain private or within a close circle.
Have they a clue about how googlebot works ? Did you know that googlebot is now apparently searching specifically for feeds from blog pages ? (GoogleBlog coming soon ?)

It seems to me that if you want information to be kept private, you have to make a few more steps if you want to take more control of your privacy, and trying to use a blog ain’t going to do it. It’s a bit like locking your valuables in a box, on the windowsill of your house. People know it’s there, they can see it there, and if they so wish, they can try and take it.

If you want information hidden, then don’t link it from anywhere.
Don’t use a tool that will tell everyone that you just made an entry into your blog.
Don’t use a blog for heaven’s sake – the structure of a blog is pretty easy to determine, unless you do know exactly what you are doing.
Don’t rely on a simple password which I have no doubt is crackable by anyone given the time and some knowledge. Be sure that your ‘protection’ defaults to a certain numbers of attempts, then a 403 is called, and then check your server logs – regularly.

In the end of course, and this from someone who does post private information, it has to be accepted that if a thought is out of your head, it is out of your control.