Waiting, waiting

We don’t get the keys to the other house until tomorrow afternoon / early evening ….. so there is sod all we can do today.
Roofspace has been cleared as much as possible, other stuff, as far as we can is boxed, but then that’s it … nothing else can be done. Place looks like a bombsite as it does prior to a move, lots of stuff thrown out, but it’s sort of annoying that we wanted the keys today, but can’t have them. J has enough problems moving herself around at the moment, and although I’ve 2 people who said they would help, I can’t totally rely on them, so the vast bulk of shifting stuff falls to me. We have to be out of here by Tuesday AM, so the loss of a day is actually quite significant. Bugger bugger bugger.
I know it’ll all be cool in the end, but still ….. another 24 hours would really have helped.