1. Exit Aquadock BEFORE playing Diablo 2 …. I have told myself this many times, but as it just cost me around 12,000 gold and a totally unnecessary death, writing it down may help the information sink in.

2. The Howto for .htaccess is removed while I improve it.

3. I’m not going with NDO, but a different ISP. I’ll be offline from late monday until I get connected. Could be 24 hours, could be 10 days. Who knows …. and how the hell will I cope (or more importantly, how willl J cope with me not having net access …..)

4. Diablo2 is excellent ! Apart from the complete tossers who decide to go hostile on you for no other reason that they are twats, it’s really cool. Great way to see more of the game, and running through an Act with up to 7 others all hacking / slashing and casting is amazing.