Xbox = Junk

So late last night I thought I’d have a few minutes relaxing by playing Links 2004.
Went to load my game Profile, and I get “Profile cannot be loaded. Press A to continue”. WTF ? Power down, clean CD, power up, start again, error repeats. Get pissed off, but decide to wait until this morning.
Try again, same fucking error.

Ring GAME. They say that I can buy a memory unit to save my games to – but they are out of stock. They say I can change my machine but that means that not only do I lose the Links 2004 game saves, but also I lose all the hours that I and my girls have put into SSX3, Toejam & Earl, Morrowind, Simpsons………

What’s the fucking point of blathering on in the stupid bloody adverts about how brilliant a Hard Drive is for saving games when the stupid frigging thing is this fucking unreliable ? It’s not the first time it’s happened either. Once may be a glitch, but the 3rd time ? In less than 3 months ?? And I know of 2 other machines that do this too.

I have never had a problem with SEGA saved games.
I have never had a problem with NINTENDO saved games.
I have never had a problem with SONY saved games.

Yet the Xbox ? What a POS.
If mine was a first gen machine I could maybe cut M$ some slack, but it’s not. They had plenty of time to ensure that all the hardware worked, and that all the software did it’s job – hell, the xbox is only a cut-down PC anyway and they really should be somewhere near the top of the game with PC software shouldn’ t they ?

So my HD has 50,000+ blocks free to save games .. so fucking what ? When I save a game, I could have put 30 minutes effort into the game, or I could have put 10 hours. I don’t care if that save uses 1 block or 100 blocks – all I want is for my game to be saved properly, and to be retrieved properly.

Do I really WANT to HAVE to do it all again ? And not out of choice so I can better my stats, but because some POS console has decided to fuck up a simple game save ?