Weblog Design

So I wrote that I want to redesign this page…. but to what ?
If you’ve read the junk I’ve put onto the net over the last few years, you’ll have seen the very many designs that I have done, all of which I liked when I did them, and all of which I subsequently got rid of.

I think that somewhere, I am after THE design .. but it doesn’t exist.

As I wrote in my post about RSS, a weblog reflects the owner, and we all change, we all mature, we find new ideas, we learn more code, we grab new scripts, we get affected by the news and events around us, all of which in some way may impact on our page design (I was debating a “No to Euro” header given the – hopefully – upcoming referendum).
So as much as I may tinker with code, change images, alter layouts, in the end, in all too short a space of time, I will get bored with my page and do it all over again. It’s not the work involved in doing it, it’s not the work involved in changing it, it’s the simple fact that I have yet to decide what I want because I have yet to see another page I want to emulate, another page that I really really like – and I look at a lot through helping out in the WP forums.

So what do I do then ?
I go back to it’s purpose – you. You are here to read, so I should present that information to you as clearly as possible, in a font that is reasonable and with no distracting and annoying designs. I would like to think that you are getting a good deal on this right now. Only the header image and background gif are images. (This white with black/grey dots may go soon though …)

I see things in a very ‘black/white’ , ‘right/wrong’ way and I think that this starkness reflects slightly in how this page looks. There’s nothing hidden, there is no cliqueness about it. It’s a page, and I fill it with words – and the odd image. It reflects my mental state at times, both in content and presentation. In short, this page is me. And that’s the way it should be – an expression of individuality. I tend toward the functional not the aesthetic…

You know the way you can imagine your ideal home ? Think for a minute about what it would look like and where it would be ……….. I’d need several. I need the minimalist flat in a city, I’d need a low-beamed cottage in the country, I’d need a ‘normal’ family home, to live with others, to live alone, to be right in the thick of the city and also miles from absolutely anywhere, I want to be on the coast, in the country, I want all the latest tech yet also the home of a Luddite purist. And I don’t mean any of these for any length of time, I mean all of them over a week .. or less. That’s how I fluctuate.

And the reason that I cannot find the ideal home is the same for why I cannot find the ideal page.
I want too much out of the one thing.
Can’t be done.

I’d say that’s a shame but despite my wanting that design, it’s a good thing I can’t get it. To have such a design, to implement it, to admire it, and to not then change it would represent some kind of stasis, almost a stagnation, not just of the never-changing page, but also of the personality behind that never-changing page. If someone’s personality remains so stable, so unchanged and they have a page that they declare reflects themselves ……. do people that stable exist ? I really don’t know this one being as unstable as I am. I cannot get my head around how someone could be so stable for so long.
That’s not a criticism of stability – far from it. I’d love to give stability a try – you have no idea how much the idea of being stable appeals to me.

So my page may change, it may not, but if I ever start to lose sight of what it’s purpose actually is, do say 🙂