Still Tinkering

Tried for ages yesterday to get the 2 hacks I want working, but no joy, and then this morning it all fell into place 🙂

Anyway, as you can see, there are now 2 Comments links. One for Popup Comments, the other for the Waypath hack (this is also a full comments page).
Waypath links what I write to other weblogs who may have written about something similar. With the longer entries, such as that one on RSS below, there is a better chance of a suitable match simply because there is more content, but I’ve added it because if you do want to read other’s thoughts on an issue, it’s a cool way to do it.
(Dino – can you let me know if there is a delay opening the popup ? Right now it is loading the header image too, but if that is a problem at all, I can stop that.).

There is still one hack I would like to integrate, but it looks no-go on this version of the program. There is also a slight glitch in the Comments which does not affect function at all. That is already fixed in the latest version (mine is already outdated !) but it’ll wait for me to upgrade the whole thing.

Realised too that the tracker I use already shows who is reading my page through RSS, so that will be interesting to watch and dig for information.

Girls are back to school tomorrow following their Easter break, so, as would be expected, the house is a bit of a tip. But seeing as next weekend we are starting to move, there’s no huge drive to tidy it all up – it’s going to get a whole lot worse !

Diablo 2:
Lightning Sorc has got the better of Andariel, and is lvl 18. Chained Lightning rules! Superb addition to the offence 😛 She has yet to do any exploring in Lut Gholein.

Necro (Summoning) is lvl 21 (?) and I’m up to the Arcane Sanctuary with The Summoner firmly in my sights. He’s got a Blood Golem for company now which is quite cool, and I’m building Mastery Skills both of him and Skellies.

Ironing later … fun eh ?

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  1. pop-up is a bit slow loading but not terribly so….i find your page a bit slow anyway but then i’m not on that good a connection. Not sure if its connected but Flash’s page is slow on my machine too….i can live with it all though 🙂

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