Catharsis …. ?

Come tomorrow, and the girls are back at school, we begin the task of sorting stuff prior to actually moving it.

When we moved here, we were both still involved in our nursing careers. As such, we had lots (and I mean boxes and boxes) of paperwork – from our training, in-service training, teaching stuff that we had produced, varous documents which we had otherwise gathered. Loads of the stuff. But now ? We don’t need them. I’m pretty ruthless when it comes to clearing things out, be they documents or other possessions. Unless it is anything to do with D. or P. and their childhood, if I’ve not touched in 6 months, out it goes. What’s past has passed, and useless reminders can be done without. So what seemed a huge task in moving becomes much less. Still need to sort it though, but I’ll be condemning whole boxes to the bin.

The house though has it’s own problems. Almost as soon as we are in, we will be trying our best to get out. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a huge amount of time before that abode is totally unsuitable for J, and private landlords tend not to look favourably on a heap of alterations, even if they will be recommended by Occupational Therapists and Physios.
One legacy of the Margaret “Let everyone buy their own homes” Thatcher years is that local councils have very very few houses, and even less ability to assist people in the situation that we are in. You can read all their propanganda that you get fed every year when they demand their slice of tax, but when it comes down it, if you have a disability, and need help with housing needs, certainly our local council are of no use whatsoever. None.

The one good thing – for now – is that at least the girl’s schooling and ‘roots’ will not be affected. We’ve lived in this village now for nearly 15 years, so they both have a good solid knowledge of all things here – people, places, friends, not-friends – and not to disrupt that was absolutely the top of our list. J and me both were forced to move homes/schools while we were young, and we both hated the effect it had and the experience that it was. At least for now we can spare them that.