WordPress ‘One Click Backup’ now installed on the server.
1 click backs up my entire database.
Store it on the server or download it to archive here.
I must have upgraded this weblog at least 8 times since I started using WP (which goes to show how fast it is developing) and I’ve never had any problems, but hey, when putting all this stuff into place is this easy, why not 😉

I also installed an RSS Aggregator to see how it worked, what resources it wanted, how it could be altered ….. played around for a while, then got rid. Need to drop a couple of tables from the db that it added, but it was fun.

Contracts for the house have been signed, pay the deposit tomorrow (if J is well … ) and then wait. We can’t go in properly for nearly 2 weeks, but we will be able to move a few things in prior to that.

Commenting – when I go to some of your blogs, if my details are pre-completed, I’m leaving them that way if you don’t mind. This means that my old upb address is given, but I’m assuming that you saw my previous entry about my new address. When it does change – cookies are due for a clearout soon- I’ll probably use my new junk account at spymac.

Scary actually .. the amount of information that the password manager in Firefox has. I just know I will get locked out of something. Oh well ..