I’ve got the wp-adapted photoblog up and running, but thing is, if I want to keep it – and I might – it poses problems.

Images are weighty beasts .. and for the price of viewing the image that’s there right now, you could hard refresh this page about 10 times. So images = bandwidth. And bandwidth is not something I think I’ve got a whole lot of. Bugger.

It’s my fault, I know that. I’ve got 3 newsgroups statistics pages which get hit in the first week of a month, I’ve got the WordPress guides I have done, I’ve a guide to ClrMamePro which attracts the odd viewer, there are a couple of other pages here which get looked at and you lot insist on reading this page 🙂

It’s not space that’s an issue as I have over 100meg free, but bandwidth.
Right now, my usage is 248meg.
That equates to 20meg a day, and with 31 days in the longest month, that’s 600meg. I have 800meg/month. That seems enough, but if a weblog with images is included, it’s not.

I will have to do some sums …….