Photo ?

There’s a photoblog – based upon the WP code – in development right now. Played around with a beta version last night but I’ve some file permission issues which I can’t get my head around (it’s not as simple as it sounds – really), but it might be fun to try, at least for a while. If I can find the GD modules (whatever they are) I can test it all here on my computer too.

This server setup thing I’ve got now is fantastic. I know those of you who have tried the full WAMP (Windows Apache Mysql Php) thing before will be yawning at this, but it is all so easy and fast to play around with code and with downloaded files. Not having to repeatedly use ftp just removes the annoying obstacle that always slowed these things down, and of course it stops me having to clutter up my webspace – something I have done many times before.

My WP guides may be moved to the official site too – not bad eh ?

Nice mod case.