Email gone.

My podz@upb email address is no more.
I have mailed Smeg to delete it, and last night took out all the server details from it’s settings in Thunderbird too. Once I have checked there is nothing there I need, I’ll delete everything.
Last night I also deleted my last 2 email clients (Bat and Foxmail) so deleting around 100meg of information – I hadn’t looked at TB! archives since I switched, and likewise with Foxmail, so why keep ?

We have the contracts for the new house – sitting right by me now – so once I’ve given them a quick read, we’ll be signing and that’ll be that.

Some additional info written into a WP Tutorial today, along with using a dinky PHP script to chmod some files on my server thing.

Oh, and the film last night – “Event Horizon”. What a complete bag of spanners that was. It’s been a long time since I have seen such utter crap !!