So I’ve adopted that email address that’s further down the page, but what I don’t want it to do is rapidly become a honeypot for spam. Remaining vaguely useful for a while would be good. That though leaves the problem of the email address I need to use when I comment on the blogs that I visit.

I don’t want to use a non-existent one. That’s fine if you know who I am, but for those other blogs, it’s the equivalent of an anonymous post, and I don’t like them. Also, with the advent of Typepad – and having to be registered on a blog to comment (my bet is that such a function will be very heavily used before a more appropriate level of activity is seen) – having another email address would be useful. And webmail would be even better – no downloading worries, and hopefully online scanning and removal of viruses.
Should do the job I reckon …. okay, so I didn’t read all the EULA, but hey, it’s only email 😉

1 GB e-mail account
250 MB of space to upload pictures in the Spymac Gallery
100 MB free space on Spymac Hosting with WebDAV access
Free iCal Hosting (both public and private)
Access to the Spymac Forums and Shoutbox
Your very own Spymac Blog
Access to the Spymac Auctions
The ability to create your very own personal Gallery and Forum

Seems pretty good for no money whatsoever.