I’ve been reading a bit more about the soon-to-be-released Service Pack.
Impressed I am not.

So it stops a few holes in IE (I don’t use IE), it improves security in Outlook Express (I don’t use that either), it tries to be a firewall (got one thanks), if it screws your system you cannot rollback (cheers, that’s great!), there is automatic updating of Windows (yea, got that set here already), a couple of new warnings in Messenger (wow…), and all this for only 273Mb (RC size).

So, SP2 will not screw up any M$ apps – hardly a surprise.

Well if, after a few months, and after I have checked all the forums for the software that I use, all is okay, and if I am bored and my modem is crying out for a burst of activity, I may consider installing it. Hell, I’ll probably have it on some CD or other by then too.
I mean, Firefox does all my popup blocking and is already more secure than IE, Thunderbird is more secure than OE, I have a very well behaved firewall and all my other programs – that majority of which are either freeware or games – also behave very nicely.
Will M$ even attempt to test against them ? Not a chance.
Will any support be offered ? Not a chance.
Does it matter for big programs like Firefox ? Probably not as they will be testing with SP2 anyway, but with PC’s, because each person’s configuration is unique, so then are any problems. And do I want to be the only one with such problems ? Like you need the answer to that….

My system works fine.
I want it to stay that way.
No matter when it is released, the day I install it is still a long way off.