At the door this morning was a lad of about fifteen maybe ? An older guy was with him – possibly his father, but he looked nearer grandfather age. Anyway, the above magazine was proffered to me, along with questions about my beliefs.
I responded that I didn’t do religion, and was a committed atheist. This floored the lad completely, and it was suddenly obvious that either he was painfully shy, or that this was his first ‘doorstepping’ adventure. He went to leave, but the dad stepped in asking me why.. so I gave my response (it’s always the same) that I believed in evolution; that if there was only one god then why were there so many flavours and, as all these gods have this tendency to be all-forgiving, if there is a Day of Judgement, he will just pat me on the head, tell me I got it wrong but it doesn’t matter now, and then invite me in. So that stopped the Dad too (this usually does).

Made me wonder though about the upbringing that this boy must have had though, and that of all other children raised in strictly religious households.

“Why ?”

That’s what kids say, and they can say it a lot. And your answers are met with a follow-up “Why ?” (and then some 🙂 ) Now being a Dad myself, I have always told my daughters that if I don’t know it, it isn’t worth knowing (Arrogant ? Maybe … but wait til you are a parent before knocking it) or I have told them to think, or find out. I still do. The world, and the knowledge contained within it, is there to be discovered. It’s there for the curious to seek out, it’s there to expand the mind, it’s there to stimulate thought and exploration. Where is the fun in saying that something is like it because of ‘god’ ? Doesn’t that just stop thought ? Does it not just teach almost a blindness ?

No matter how hard you look, you can’t find ‘god’. There is not a shred of physical evidence that a ‘god’ existed – at least if I look toward Christianity. I have more time for those people who may identify themselves with Rastafarianism or the other more recent ‘ religions’.

But what’s wrong is that the lad this morning will have been told, by his father, that I am wrong. I suppose that I’m saying that they are.
But in the end we are just different.
Yet my ‘difference’ is deemed unsatisfactory, and I am deemed to be in need of ‘conversion’ – as are many many others by whoever it is that happens to stand on my doorstep (I discriminate not).

Let children grow up in an environment that is less concerned with the love of ‘god’ and more concerned with real love and affection. (Did this lad wake this morning and say “Hey ! What a fantastic day for converting people to the cause !!” ? Did he hell – he was told to do it).

And I do not concern myself with your religious / political / sexual beliefs or attitudes, so keep out of mine too thankyouverymuch.

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  1. This made me giggle… poor old ‘hovies 🙂

    I must admit that when confronted by religious types, I would like to tell them that I think that organised religion is a cultural anachronism, a shackle round the neck of humanity, hindering its evolution etc., but I usually forget all these things and end up being far nicer to them than I wanted to!

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