So by allowing the building of large casinos in “run-down seaside towns, or places with relatively high unemployment” the govt feel that this will lead to “regeneration benefits … could include improved transport arrangements, restoration of historic buildings, the use of derelict sites and the provision of new job opportunities.

What utter fucking bollocks.

All such a scheme will do is cause further damage, heartache and pain to those people who live in such areas and are tempted to gamble.
What ? They shouldn’t gamble ? You are going to condemn them for succumbing to the temptation that is suddenly and irresistibly thrust in their faces ?
Such areas have people who have been unemployed for a long time, people who have other social and health problems, and the ‘promise’ of a new infrastucture will not benefit the vast majority at all. All THAT will do is further increase their felings of helplessness and hopelessness as that which is around them gets better. It’ll throw their situation into an even starker contrast. And people who feel they have nothing to lose are more likely to take those risks – those gambles – that you or I may not. After all, if you think you’ve got nothing, what have you got to lose ?

People will gamble because they are looking for their dream, they are looking for happiness, they are looking to escape – even for a few minutes – their daily grind. Do the lottery do you ? Don’t get all righteous and say something pathetic like “Well they shouldn’t gamble then ” – that’s so simplistic.

And do you think that these companies will give a shit about the fact that they are further increasing the misery of those people? That the money they are taking was meant to feed and clothe ? Will they hell. As long as it is profit, they will care not one jot.

It’s a drug. It’s a way of controlling. It’s a way of stupefying the masses.

How long before people start dying in those areas because of debts – debts that can be tracked back specifically to the date a casino opened ? It WILL happen. Doesn’t take much intelligence to figure out the reasons.

What do they think will happen ? That all of a sudden we will have little wannabe Las Vegas style cities ?? And has anyone actually gone to those places and looked closely as who lives there ? I mean lives – not takes a holiday, or owns buildings, or gambles. My money says that such cities still have huge problems with unemployment, drink, gambling, drugs, social issues, but because it’s all wrapped up in so much glitz, no-one sees it.
So is that the plan ? Turn the lights up so bright that we are dazzled ? I’d say it’s stupid but someone somewhere would fall for it.

I’m sure that to our faces the MP’s would proclaim their most altruistic of motives, but behind that is simply a plan to further control the proles.

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