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When I was a kid, there were programs like ‘Belle and Sebastian’ – foreign kids stuff that was dubbed for the English tv market. Now I was what, 6 ?, so it hardly mattered .. hell, sometimes I didn’t even notice the dubbing ! The thing was though, given the fledgling state of television, and in particular kids tv, it was probably a case of having such dubbed programmes or having nothing. No huge deal though – I was a kid, it was selling me nothing.

Last night there was an advert for ‘Chupa Chups’ lollies. And it was dubbed. It was dubbed really really badly too. There have been others recently where just because you cannot see anyone talking does not mean that you cannot tell they have tried to make a ‘multinational’ advert. And here was me thinking that adverts are meant to impress me so much that I will buy the product. Well these dubbed affairs just stink.
Remember the last Honda ad ? The one that starts with the rolling cog ? Now that’s a cool ad – it’ll work in any language, it showed no environmental factors which could identify it with a particular country. So yes, it probably cost a fortune, but that is repaid by having an ad which can be shown on tv or in cinemas anywhere, and it would lose nothing from it.

Dubbing is just a cheap way of reusing old guff for a market that you don’t actually give a shit about, and if the market doesn’t matter so much to them, then why should we be so bothered about their product ?

3 thoughts on “Dubbed Adverts

  1. c’mon spud. cars are expesnive and are bought by clever (hahahhahaha) adults with tons of bling, and who are swayed by fasion. chupa chups are bought by kids and cost pence (lots of no doubt) the mark up on a chupa chup is a lot less than that on a car. the peneration of the advert is probably lower, and frankly kids are stupid. you’ll note that on any advert showing a doll or toy which features moving parts, those parts are operated my hands. this is a legal thing, if the toy is shown moving without the hands touching it, kids believe it can do this and want it more.
    stuff stuff, blah blah, compelling argument, i just got up sorry..


  2. KNow the ad, and agree… what’s even worse is C4 over here, 1/2 the time the dubblings out (at least on our TV) and the sibillence is awful…. bet they’re editing on plasma screens somewhere… the lateny on them screws up dubbing work.

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