Sharing ? Hogging !

It’s half term, and D. wants to listen to music on her computer. Thing is, most of the music is one mine. But she’s networked in, so all I need to do is share it, yes ?
Now I don’t know if it’s because the music is on my D: drive, but I drag the folder to my Shared Folder, and sit here watching it copy every single byte. WHY ?
Is it totally beyond the wit of a software designer (do M$ actually employ them ?) to simply tag a folder and have a folder contain just shared paths ? It’s ridiculous that I may have 10gig of music on D:, but in order to share it, that same 10gig has to be copied to C:

It’s bad enough that Sonic Stage has to do this with it’s ATRAC encoding – and why the hell can they do do encoding ‘on the fly’ ?

So in theory, I could have an album on my D: drive, the same album in my Shared, and the same album in ATRAC. How bloody stupid is that ?
(Yes, I know I could simply move all my music to Shared, but that cannot be moved from my C: drive, and my D: is for data storage, not C: )

Anyway .. it’s done now … the Forgotten Tower (Sorc lvl 11, Lightning only) await 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sharing ? Hogging !

  1. you can share any folder across your network, it doesnt necessarily have to be the “my shared files” folder. Just right click the folder on your D drive with all your music in, select “sharing and security” and tick the “share this folder on the network” box.

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