: oppose, defend

While looking through the server bits and bobs here, I take a look at the stats page. Nothing of note until I see the number against the new WP CSS directory. 1453 !! That dir didn’t even exist 5 days ago !
I don’t think it’ll be an issue, but I’ve plonked a counter on there just to see what happens. Even the WordPress FTP page has had over 1000 hits too ….

D2. My Lightning Sorc died twice in the Tower 🙁 I’ve just got the hang of the F buttons – I thought that pressing say, F2, would use the spell, but it doesn’t does it .. it just lets me execute it from the mouse, so what with staying healthy, keeping my mana topped up, pressing the F keys, trying to move around, concentrating on the screen and trying to remember to breathe in and out, she died. Bugger. Still, gives me the chance to clear the moors / marsh again and get closer to the next level.
Act 1 mercs. What is the point ?

News .. do you like news ? Yes ? good. Then pop on your shades and go read what must be the busiest and funkiest news site yet.