I did mean to stop playing – honest!

Andariel. Wasn’t quite expecting her where she was, and I really should have drawn the demons out from that last room, but there I was with a merc, 3 skels, 3 mages, a golem. And then all of a sudden I’m on my own, running around the pool to stay opposite a really annoyed boss, and frantically pressing my F keys to try and summon, my number keys to stay alive. Managed to get out, up the first steps then nipped back to town. Filled up on the coloured bottles, wandered out to summon my forces again and then went back for the kill.
And I only just whooped her butt. (I had one mage left with me).
How the hell do you do it without an army ? – Guess I’ll find that out soon enough 🙂
So now my Necro is lvl 18 and in the port.

Read some more about the sorc too. Seems I did spread my skills too widely. I’ll start another today, and aim for Lightning skills only.

There is no other news 😉

2 thoughts on “Andariel

  1. In most cases you can get away with spreading points around skills, especially in normal difficulty. Once you get to nightmare and hell things get interesting, and you realise that you need to specialise in a few skills.

    Playing a few characters through normal will give you the chance to test all the skills out, find out what you like, and ightmare is where you can test those skills and see if they are going to be viable by the time hell comes along.

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