Diiiiiiablo !

Here is where I am at.
Both chars have killed the guy protecting the Malus, and are Level 16. The Sorc now has imbued armour, but I’m holding off on doing that to any of the Necro’s stuff just yet. The Necro (and his chums) have slaughtered a few more of the evil demonic spawn though .. why ? Cos it’s EASY!!!!

Str 40
Dex 32
Vit 37
En 41

Skill Tree
Frost Nova 4
Charge Bolt 2, Static Field 1, Lightning 1
Fire Bolt 3, Warmth 1, Inferno 3

Str 49
Dex 40
Vit 31
En 34

Skill Tree
Amplify Damage 1
Skel Mastery 6, Raise Skel 3, Clay Golem 3, Raise Mage 3.

No particular socketed goodies to speak of …. any thoughts, hints, tips ? (Apart from buying a commode so I don’t have to move from the computer 🙂 )

4 thoughts on “Diiiiiiablo !

  1. Thats it…Im installing it tomorrow. Will let you know when my chars have levelled up a bit and well try and figure out the MP bit. You played Dungeon Siege? Youd probably like it, more or less the same game, but with a 3d spinny-rotatey environment, and the ability to add a pack donkey to your party to carry all that stuff you dont really need, but want to keep anyway “just in case it comes in useful”. Ill send you a copy :mrgreen:

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