Necro’s are FUN !!
Thought I’d give one a run last night to get a feel for the summoning / cursing. What a blast! Sauntering around picking up the fallen gold while my merc, 3 skeletons and my Clay Golem batter the crap out of everything in their range. I think I started the game about 7pm ? I was still there at midnight 🙂 And the time just flew by.
And in all that time, I’ve only just made it to the Monastery stage.

Died only the once – to be expected I guess – and so far am putting all my skills into summoning. Golem is 2, Skellies at 4 I think, and mastery at 2 or 3. I know I need to widen things out a bit in the skill tree, but wow – fun fun fun 🙂

Next thing to do is work out mercs, as in how do I give them better weapons. Tried a drag-n-drop to the archer I have, but no joy .. maybe that all happens in Act 2.

And this morning ? Another WP tutorial written.

One thought on “D2

  1. You can only give items to your merc if you are playing the Lord of Destruction expansion pack. If you are using that then the default key to open your mercs inventory is O (Oh, not zero).

    Have to agree that the necromancer is real fun to play. My latest necromancer is wandering around act3 somewhere, and doing okay.

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