Done .. for now

I got Starcraft and the expansion Broodwar – £10 for both. Not bad. Not bad at all. Got chatting in GAME. One of the staff, and the customer he was serving turned out to be huge D2 fans, and they both recommended I use the Necromancer. I’ve read up a bit, and it seems more complex that the sorceress, but I’ll give it a whirl.

Anyway, got back, managed to be allowed back onto the computer and instead of game playing, decided to finish the WP stuff. So I did. I may have 2 additional sections to do, but that depends entirely on feedback – if it’s not felt to be useful, I won’t do it (well, not yet anyway). If you are curious, the work is here.

Also saw Brian and Neil. They could be moving shops, though still within the city, and Brian came up with an idea for the coverups section which I had been pondering about, and I’ll be doing that soon.
I was messing with their index page last night …. if you include css in a page, it works. If you call the css from a separate file, it works. If you include javascript in a page, it works. If I try to call it, it fails. And I cannot figure out why just yet. Hmmmm..