It’s 5am

D. is poorly (being sick) and the other 2 have been ill with this, so I sit here typing wondering just quite when it will be my turn to run to the bathroom …..

I think the worst of the cold has passed 🙂 Good job too as I did none of the work I needed to yesterday – hopefully today I’ll be able to whizz through the main CSS stuff for WP and then give some thought to the abody coverups section.

Seen that new ad about ‘Chip and PIN’ ?
You’d think that a bloody advert would get it right wouldn’t you ? Especially one that is meant to be ‘educational’. Petty I know, but you CANNOT HAVE a PIN Number. You can have one OR the other, but not BOTH. And in some ways, isn’t it going to lead to an increase in fraud ?
After all, comparing a signature (okay, it does not always happen) is one thing, but no-one is going to argue with someone who inputs the correct number. And there could be a problem – how many people who do not use a PIN with their credit card will now write down their new number, leave that information in their bag/wallet and then, when it’s nicked, life for the thief just got easier.
Also, and this is me being cynical, how many people do not have a PIN for said cards, yet when they get one will be tempted to also withdraw cash from a machine using the card. Okay, it’s not fraud, but given that cash accrues interest from the time it is withdrawn, and that the credit card companies like this, it could be seen as being a bonus for them could it not ?