Still ill

I still feel like craponastick. And no, I’m not buying any Contac 400. Tried it years ago, didn’t work for me.
Realised just now that the smilies had gone, so I’ve put them back – adds a touch of colour to the page don’tcha think ?

I need to crack on with the WP work too … I learnt how to do image mapping last night! Most clever! I’ve done page jumps before, but never by way of an image map. If you want to see the first very rough draft of what I am doing, it’s here. The layout still needs a lot of work, and that’s really the next part. Get that first section (well that’s section 2 actually) looking the way I want, and then the work doing the rest of the sections will be a whole lot easier.
Since I did the ftp guide, there have been a lot less questions in the WP forums about that side of things (or so it seems to me), but this little set of guides could be useful to a lot more people. For some reason, CSS seems to scare people. I’ll admit that if I have to start one from scratch it can be a wee bit daunting, but they do make life so much easier – hence me moving a lot of pages here over to a single CSS file. And it’s fun in that I am learning too.
When it comes to certain aspects of the CSS, I’ll be needing some help I guess … or maybe I won’t. It’s only when you get to ‘teach’ someone about something that you realise how much you know sometimes.

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