We can

– put a man on the moon
– create energy from wind power
– record music onto shiny discs
– transplant organs
– fly through the air in planes that weigh several tons
– explore the depths of the universe using space telescopes
– connect the world’s computers

but we can’t stop a nose from running.

7 thoughts on “We can

  1. Contac 400 will blow your head off! Or, you could stand upside down. Of course, the part you’ve tragically missed is that biology is wonderful, complex, often the result of a mistake, and probably vindictive; the other stuff you cite is is pretty basic hammers and catapult technology. Grab some perspective and a tissue, Mr Whingy.

  2. Yeh, I’d be away for the flouncing. But you only even come in, shout “moo” and then go and wobble prevocably for r@ so we have the sum total of 4 seconds to say hi!
    I have no snottiness, but I’m sneezy from corporate dust!

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