with a horrid cold. As such, doing anything even vaguely important has stopped, and instead I’m converting all my pages here to xhtml. (And then I will stop further upgrading the code. I’ve done it a few times now, but I figure that xhtml transitional will be fine for a good while, so it’s the very last time. Not that it makes any difference whatsoever to anyone looking at the page, but it makes a difference to me).

UPB Munch pics. Mine and Krys’ will go up once I feel better, but I know that more exist !! Send me them !!

Adding a new page here – probably tomorrow ? – which one or two of you may or may not find vaguely interesting.

Oh yes, and I need to gather links for yet another new page here.

The monks have not arrived yet …. and I am ill – can’t just be a normal everyday cold this … oh no … this one is serious!

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