I figured out what the error message to do with “failed to exchange encryption key” meant. It means this:
“While your battery is probably good enough to power your Sony MD for at least a few more hours so you can enjoy music, it is not strong enough to pass a tiny weeny bit of data across the cable to the PC.”
Stupid. Anyway, music duly recorded after a fresh battery was installed.

No bri, no more clues 😉

I need to rethink another part of the abody site. The coverups section is a hodgepodge of a mess. It works, but it’s not easily used in the file structure, and as such, expanding it will make the situation worse. Thing is, the script that powers the other galleries will not work with that section as the number of images can change, so I’ll have to do it in html, but make it neater and keep it very flat.
What I want is for the site to be very expandable, but also very easy to understand. The day may come where I don’t do it any more, and to have someone else look at it and be puzzled would make things dificult for the site. Not a good thing, not at all. Oh yea, and once that’s done, I need to go through everything and make it all xhtml valid. Fun ? Not a chance 🙂

MartinDB – you wanted me to remind you 😉

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