WordPress and stuff.

Want to see a demo and what it looks like ‘under the bonnet’ so to speak ?
WordPress Demo.
Bear in mind that not only is this incredibly easy to install, it’s also extremely fast and very customisable too. Anyway, go look 🙂

The abody site has now got the Contact thing that I have. It more suits them than me, and part of the reason to stick it here was so I could use it there, so all is good. I also spoke to Brian about my hand …. turns out that a guy who does some sort of medical photography has previously expressed an interest in being invited to view and take pictures of any ‘interesting’ work. As my hand falls into that category, he is trying to contact said guy to see what can be arranged. Apparently, he has already taken some procedurals of Neil’s tattooing, and these ended up in some phenomenally expensive medical textbook, so my hand could get famous! Yay! (or something ..).

Right … now to find out what the error message Sonic Stage is chucking at me really means … something about an ‘encryption key’. Helpful eh ?