Been trying on and off for hours to get a formmail incorporated here. My upb address is regularly filling with spam, and at some point I will either drop the address altogether, or switch to a slightly different address on that domain (if Smeg doesn’t mind). Here though I have a little more control, and I want to switch to an address based on this domain. Formmail is the way to go.
Plonking my email address into that menu on the right will just attract spam.
Encoding the email there is still decipherable by spammers.
Just writing my email with the usual AT and DOT just slows things down.
Expecting people to see a foobarred address and putting it right may be too much.
So … formmail.
Eventually found a script (coincidentally written by the same guy who does the gallery script as used on the abody site), configured it, uploaded it, tested it. And it works great. Really great. Except I’ve no clue as to where the submitted email are actually going, because they ain’t coming my way. There’s a problem somewhere, and I can’t track it down. Odd. I’ll work on it tomorrow.

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