Todo List

1. Prepare and upload a new UPB profile I recieved and forgot about with changing email programs.

2. Make sure that the 2 UPB interviews are ready to go up next Thursday (I’ve decided which they should be).

3. Resend a UPB Interview, and request a picture from an interviewee.

4. Work on the abody front page.

5. Update the Bristol Munch page (you don’t mind Fnook do you ?)

6. Find more ibuprofen. Eat it.

7. Sort my profiles@ upb mail. It’s screwed for some reason (nothing to do with the iam downtime).

8. Record music.

9. That should do for the evening if this headache goes.

Jayne …. get Steve to pinch the web of skin between your big toe and the one next to it. Pinch it as hard as he can between his thumb/finger. Keep it pinched – it may take 10-20 minutes – and the pain may subside. It might even go away. If he releases the hold, it should be done slowly. J’s migraines can either go or be reduced significantly using this technique.

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