One of the really nice things about Mozilla Firefox, and now Thunderbird, is that you can make it look, and to an extent work, how you want it, and not how the developers wanted. That’s a big plus for me, but it’s also a huge minus. It means that although it works ‘out of the box’ so to speak, it takes time to investigate the extensions, apply them, get used to things.. Hmmm
Anyway, I’m now getting used to have just the one client for both newsgroup reading and email reading. Takes me back to my newbie days of using OE … ….. just need to get Thunderbird to display unread posts a wee bit more visibly.
I really do need to burn an archive CD with lots of old emails too – my Bat! folder is over 80meg, and although I’ll never read them, slinging them onto a CDRW won’t hurt for a while.

Brian was ill. No hand damage unfortunately.

Right. Diablo2.
Rat / Fluffy – hints and tips ?
It seems both a ‘shallow yet as deep as you want’ type of game. But what with socketing jewels, having some sort of aura thing and no doubt other complexities, what advice do you give me, the fledgling paladin ?