No, your eyes haven’t gone odd, I’ve changed the font. It was a mixture of 2 before, now it’s a mixture of only one. Lucida sans unicode. Looks a tad wierd right now, and it has display issues with which I’m not entirely happy, but it’ll do for the time being (or until I get bored and switch to Wingdings).

Comments text is a bit larger. (That comment has gone Jayne 🙂 )

Thunderbird now installed as default news client for a while.. I may look into it’s email capabilities, but I’m not holding my breath on it.

Brian is ill, so I can’t have my hand done. I’d wanted it done tomorrow for Thursday, but it doesn’t look like that can happen which is a shame … I really wanted that party trick.

I won at Links 2004 (Well … did you expect me not to ??)

It’s 1:25am .. guess I should go bed.

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