Eminem. I need to find other artists similar to Eminem and his ‘venting’ attitude.

Testblog now running exactly the same build as here (10 March nightly) so at some more tolerant point I can get archives to display how I want them to without breaking here. That point is not now.

Diablo 2. I’m not sure I have an anorak that could fit me for this game.. and with no controller support, RSI is a definite possibility. It is sort of fun though.

I need to work on some more UPB Interviews. I think there are 3 on the site, but with foobarred directory names, I’ve had one more (?) back, so I could do with staring at that soon too.

Thursday will be interesting. Or not.

Used Adaware yesterday (among other programs) to sort a friends computer. Initial run caught 303 bad items. 303! As usual, a simple clean did not get rid, but I got the little bastards in the end. Next item is to get a/v protection on his machines …. he’s a wee bit resistant right now.

Labrets are fine. A piercing Thursday may well be in order ….. not sure where though. More eyebrows possibly ? Or …. I could see if Brian wants to carve into the back of my left hand ……

Shame that Blogamp list doesn’t have a volume indication. It’s LOUD.


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  1. Diablo 2 is of of those games that I may never get fed up with. I play it most evenings and weekends. Defeated Baal on Hell difficulty with five characters. My god, I sound like an anorak, better get back over to alt.games.diablo

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